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Wooden Board


Picture Frame

I was born in Cuba but was only six years old when my parents left the Island, still my Cuban roots run deep. Thru the years I have ventured in different areas of work but primerely as a DJ working nightclubs and private events. So you can guess I spent a lot of time around intoxicating beverages. Thus leading me into the world of Scotch. At the time I was starting to experiment with, also equally stimulating, Cigars". I told you my roots run deep. I began to collect rare bottles and came across very beautiful custom cases, which gave me an idea. And so I merged the two.

I enjoy the challenge of making each one by hand. I consider the cases functional artwork. Everytime I finish one I sign and number it. They make incredible conversation pieces, not to mention a fabulous gift for those Cigar Aficionados.


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